Coolest Guy

What a show with absolutely no plot but is amazing at the same time? Watch Sakamoto desu ga? (There is a question mark in the title. That sentence weirds me out.) Sakamoto is the coolest guy in school by doing things that are not completely normal. Each episode is a two in one deal, including a special that has you questioning why, but an enjoyable experience none the less. You are also rooting for this kid, even though you don’t have to because he just does everything so cool.

P.S.: NateWantsToBattle did an English cover of the opening and it is AMAZING!


Those Who Work, Eat

The protagonist of Shounen Maid takes this every seriously. He is a totally neat freak, who lives with is uncle after the death of his mother. He, in fact, forces himself to be a maid do he doesn’t feel like a free loader and can clean the house to his own content. The premise is kinda flimsy but it’s a watch. I will also admit that you might love this show if you like a very slow going show, but me, I was checking the time every view minutes to see how long I had left. Checking the time is a sure sign that it’s not something you love, but it was something to watch while I was bored.

An Actual “Love” Story?

I have watched the entirely of Itazura Na Kiss for what has to be the fifth time. And I am still loving it. It is the stereotypical love story between an intellectually-challenged girl and an emotionally stunted boy. You know, the usual. Except in this one, you actually see them through their life, separate and together as this anime takes them through high school, college and their adult working life. It’s girly, but I very much enjoyed it, and maybe you will too.